Welcome to the East Moriches School District's Middle School Resources hub, where parents, community members, faculty, and staff come together to support the growth and development of our students. As a cornerstone of our community, we recognize the importance of fostering strong partnerships between home, school, and the wider community to ensure the success of every child. This webpage serves as a central repository of valuable information, tools, and resources tailored specifically to the unique needs of our community. Whether you're a parent seeking guidance on supporting your child's learning journey, a community member looking to stay informed and involved, or a faculty or staff member seeking professional development opportunities, you'll find an array of valuable tools and information at your fingertips. Together, let's continue to build upon the strong foundation of partnership and dedication that defines the East Moriches School District, ensuring that every student receives the support and opportunities they need to thrive. Welcome to our collaborative community of learners, leaders, and champions for education.